BigBear Premium Cannahoney


    • We have a top of the line Root Sciences VTA VKL-70 . This is the heart of our operation. This unit has one multiple cannabis cups from around the World and produces some of the best Short Path Distilled cannabis oil on the planet. 
    • BigBear Cannahoney consistently tests above 90% every time. This is our promise to you the consumer. We are Proud of our oil as our first release to the market has tested at 94% THC and 99.04% Cannabinoids. 
    • At BigBear we believe in quality consistency and transparency. We will be keeping a database of our test results for you to access.
    • Our oil contains no cuts or added terpens. We believe in keeping it all natural and you will as well after you take one puff.
    • We stand by our name and our products and believe that you should be able to know and trust what you are getting every time, 
    • Our oil is about quality and consistency. We make sure our products are pesticide and contaminant free.
    • Due to the quality of our oil it is very stable this will cause bubbles to appear when around the intake holes of the cart. This is normal and is a testament to the quality of our product. There are multiple solutions to this. You can either fire the cart a few times to heat the oil and it will fall into place. If this does not work burp the cart by opening the top and then resealing it. This will allow the air bubble to pop and the oil to fill the void. If neither of these work simply take a lighter to the cart for 3 seconds the oil will be liquified and ready for use. Happy Vaping!!!